FREE U.S. Shipping | Excluding Wholesale

FREE U.S. Shipping | Excluding Wholesale

Wholesale Terms & FAQs

Welcome to Mila & Rose!  Our goal is to bring you and your customers an on trend line, that is both adorable and affordable.  We specialize in soft and unique fabric designs that customers, store owners and families love!
Although we are still processing most orders within 1-2 business days, please remember we are not responsible for shipping delays from USPS or other carriers.
During regional markets such as Dallas or Atlanta, wholesale orders may take 1-2 weeks to process. Wholesale Market Orders have specific ship dates and are communicated at market by a Mila & Rose team member. 
Thank you for your understanding!

How to setup an Account?

Click this link to fill out your retailer information and you will receive a link to activate your wholesale account.

You can also e-mail or call 817-988-0880 with the following information:

  1. A valid business registration license (such as your tax id) and
  2. A current Tax Resale Certificate
  3. We will send you an account activation link and you're in! 

If you are a current wholesale customer and have not activated your online account or need to send an updated tax resale certificate, please e-mail with your store name. 

Wholesale Faq's and Terms of Agreement

  1. What is the order minimum?  $100 for your first order and no minimums for re-orders.
  2. Do I have to buy pre-determined size ranges or pre-packs?  No, you can order what is best for you and your store.  If you specialize in babies or bigger kids you won't be forced to carry sizes you don't typically sell.  If if you just need to re-order a couple sizes, that's "A" okay!
  3. Are there any fees or commissions or monthly quotas?  No commissions and no monthly quotas. You are your own business/boutique. You simply pay wholesale costs at the time of purchase for the products and agree to maintain at or above retail pricing found on the retail site of
  4. How do I place an order / reorder?  Once you have an approved wholesale account, you can shop anytime via the login on our website by simply entering your email address and password. You will then have access to order everything that is available currently at wholesale cost. Wholesale costs are shown in pink, and the retail prices are shown in gray.
  5. How fast do you ship?  We usually ship within 1-2 business days via USPS or UPS.  Exceptions include holidays and major market weeks, which may lead to slightly longer processing times. 
  6. What is your shipping policy?  We currently do not offer free shipping in order to maintain our low pricing, open stock, real time wholesale and no minimum re-order requirements.  However if your wholesale order is $3k or more you will qualify for free shipping.  Mila & Rose cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged shipments once they leave our facility, please contact the specific carrier.  However, we will do our best to assist you, in finding the package and/or recovering damages.  Please note, if you're an international or Puerto Rico wholesale customer we will calculate the cost of shipping with our shipping partners and send you a separate invoice before we ship your order.
  7. How is shipping charged?  Our flat rate fees vary by cost tier, and include a number of different factors such as the carrier expense, location, weight, etc. These flat rates are an average across all our accounts based on the data we analyzed. There are 8 tiers (ranges) currently. Please refer to chart below. new shipping chart
  8. We are "real time wholesale," what does that mean?  This means that products and orders are for immediate delivery, no more waiting.  Of course, we take orders for future delivery but that also means items sell out fast.
  9. Do you have scheduled release dates for product launches? Although we don't have scheduled release dates or launches for new products, we do send out "new arrivals" and "restock" emails once they are available, so be sure to check your inbox for those! Generally speaking we will launch our Spring line in January, and our Fall lines in June & July at the Dallas and Atlanta markets.
  10. How often do you re-stock and add new products?  We restock every month and add new products, prints, designs almost every month, so check back often.
  11. What is your return and exchange policy for wholesale?  Please inspect your package upon arrival for any damages or missing items.  Returns, damages and or exchanges will only be accepted within 7 days of delivery of the goods.  Unless the items are deemed defective by Mila & Rose, or the wrong product was sent, we are unable to provide a prepaid return shipping label.  Return shipping is to be paid by the wholesale partner.  Returns will also include a 15% restocking fee.  There will be a minimum of a 15% restocking fee if your credit card is declined and we have made multiple attempts to reach you to update the card for goods held with deposit funds on a wholesale order.  We reserve the right to revoke wholesale status if excessive returning of products exists.  Excessive is defined as 3 separate orders (entire or partial) returns in a 60 day rolling period.
  12. What is the Mila & Rose Pricing Policy?  Mila and Rose Retailers agree to follow and maintain the Mila & Rose Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) guidelines.  We have a pricing policy in place to protect the integrity of the brand to benefit you and Mila & Rose.  Retailers agree to maintain at or above retail pricing found on the retail site of  Retailers are allowed to offer below MSRP sales for a short period of time to promote and sell certain products.
  13. When puts items on sale can I, as a wholesale account participate?  Yes, when items are marked down online in our sale section, you will receive the same sale opportunity.
  14. Do you zip code protect?  We are unable to zip code protect because our line is very comprehensive, some wholesale partners don't purchase everything.  It is also very difficult to zip code protect in the online based environment we are in, some wholesale accounts send goods to one location and then sell at many other locations. 
  15. Can I use photos from the website?  Yes, as long as they are original and unaltered.  This includes product photos and lifestyle photos on our website, but not the Instagram and FaceBook photos.
  16. What are the Mila & Rose branding guidelines?  When selling online, on your website or via social media, the brand name, Mila & Rose must be listed either in the product name or description.  We send all items with a Mila & Rose hang tag.  Removing the hang tag is acceptable, however removing the sewn tag and putting your tag in is not acceptable.
  17. What are acceptable sales locations?  Mila & Rose is committed to maintaining the integrity of its authorized distribution channels and to stop the selling of the Products to unauthorized sellers.  You are permitted to sell Products only in locations approved by Mila & Rose.
  18. Can I sell on the Internet?  You are permitted to sell the Products on websites that you own and/or operate.  Sales on or through any third-party marketplace website including, but not limited to, Amazon, eBay, Jet, Sears Marketplace or Walmart Marketplace are not permitted without prior written consent from Mila & Rose.  This provision will be strictly enforced.  Also, in general the following retail websites will not be approved for an account.  Group Buy-Ins, websites claiming to be a "wholesale provider", websites (or brick and mortar stores) claiming merchandise is "hand made".
  19. Do you attend regional markets? Yes, we do. Please see the below dates and locations for our upcoming market schedule.
Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market:   June 11-14, 2024 
 Dallas Market Center, Located on the 8th Floor, Permanent Showroom #8503
***New Showroom Location***
Dallas KidsWorld and Home & Gift Markets:   June 19-25, 2024 
 Dallas Market Center, Located on the 8th Floor, Permanent Showroom #8503
***New Showroom Location***
Atlanta Gift Show:   July 17-21, 2024 
 AmericasMart, Building 3, Floor 3, Booth #1700

    Mila & Rose reserves the rights to terminate the wholesale agreement with any wholesale partner for violating any terms of this FAQ wholesale agreement.  Mila & Rose reserves the rights to terminate the wholesale agreement with any wholesale partner who has a competing private label brand. Mila & Rose reserves the rights to terminate the wholesale agreement with any wholesale partner who is purchasing the brand for personal use. Mila & Rose also reserves the rights to immediately terminate the wholesale agreement with any wholesale partner that harasses Mila & Rose staff, and/or damages the Mila & Rose brand or reputation in person or online.

    By signing up to obtain a wholesale account and/or ordering from Mila & Rose you agree not copy or counterfeit our products, information, marketing materials, ideas or any tangible or intangible Mila & Rose property.  If it is suspected for these actions, it could lead to grounds for loss of account and potential legal action.  In addition by signing up as a Mila & Rose reseller you represent and warrant your information is truthful and correct and your business is in good standing, legally and ethically.  You further represent that you are not using counterfeit or fake account information to setup your wholesale account.

    By requesting and being accepted as a wholesale partner by Mila & Rose you agree to the Wholesale Agreement terms and agree to be subscribed to our wholesale email communications. You have the right to unsubscribe at any time.

    Mila & Rose reserves the right to update and change our wholesale agreement and this agreement supersedes any previous written or verbal agreement.  This agreement was last updated on 6/15/2024.

    For any questions or comments please contact us at or 817-988-0880.  Click here to review our Children's Product Certificates (CPC)

    We work with suppliers that share the same core values as us and require them to sign a code of conduct agreement.

    Our Charity Contributions support Cook’s Children Medical Center in Fort Worth. Donations go specifically towards The Creative Artist in Residence Programme.

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