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Valentine’s Day with kids is full of love, laughter, glue guns and glitter! Leading up to the day means lots of crafting to make the cutest Valentine’s Day Box and cards, and picking out the perfect outfit. We all know how time consuming making/decorating Valentine’s Day boxes can be, so the Mila and Rose team wanted to offer you and your little some suggestions!

little girls valentine's day outfits 

Valentine’s Day “Puppy” Box Idea

What you will need:

    • Empty Shoebox or Tissue Box
    • Construction paper
    • Crayons or Markers
    • Glue Stick
    • Scissors
  • Cover your chosen box with construction paper in the color you wish the puppy to be
  • Draw the puppy’s features on other pieces of construction paper and cut them out (ears, tongue, bow, etc.)
  • Have your little one glue on the features they have chosen to include
  • Cut an opening resembling the puppy’s mouth for Valentine’s Cards to be slipped through!

For an added touch of cuteness, take a look at our "Puppy Love" Valentine’s Day dress so your little one can match their box!

puppy love twirl bodysuit puppy love twirl dress

DIY XO Lollipop Valentine’s Day Card Idea:

What you will need:

    • Construction Paper
    • Small lollipops (like DumDums)
    • Glue
  • Cut two semi skinny rectangles and a circle
  • Glue the two rectangles together to make an “X”
  • Overlap the “X” over the circle to make an “XO”
  • Cut two slits on top of one another to hold the lollipop 
  • Have your little one write their message on the card

Let your little one match her cards in our “Sucker For You” Pom Pom Romper or Dress!

 sucker for you pom pom rompersucker for you twirl dress

We hope you found these suggestions inspirational, and wish you and your little ones a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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