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Before a baby is born, one of the most exciting things for us adults to do is to buy awesome clothes for the newcomer! Whether it is your own child or somebody else’s, preparing everything to welcome that baby to this world is quite exciting. However, it can also be a little confusing; especially for new parents or those who have no experience with children (this generally applies to friends, uncles, aunties, etc.). For example, you’d be surprised to know how many people can’t tell the difference between little girls rompers and one-pieces! 

But don’t worry! At Mila & Rose, we want to share our knowledge for you to make the best decision at the moment of buying new clothes for the new baby girl in your life. We’re a family business founded by a mom and a dad of an awesome little girl. She’s actually the inspiration for all this! So in this article, you’ll find useful information and tips to make the best choice and to know a little bit more about children's apparel.

Little Girls Rompers

The Best time to Wear Little Girls Rompers 

So simply put, the main difference between little girls rompers and one-pieces is that rompers have no feet. Instead, they have a cuffed ankle that leaves the feet exposed. On the other hand, a one-piece generally has long sleeves and feet coverings, all in one piece of fabric (that’s where the name comes from) instead of top and bottom. 

As they cover the whole body, one-pieces are generally used in cooler seasons or in those moments when the baby needs a little bit extra warmth; like nighttime. That’s also why they make great pajamas. On the other hand, little girls rompers make a better outfit for summer and daytime use. Their lack of feet makes them great for pairing with sandals and other fresh footwear; especially for a walking little baby girl!

Bonus Track: Baby Girl Bodysuits!

There’s a third option for you at the moment of buying clothes for the new little princess. Baby girl bodysuits are another type of garment that has no legs; just like little girls rompers. It’s also easier to dress a baby in a romper or a bodysuit thanks to the convenient snaps and short sleeves. The snaps also make it easier to change diapers. Bodysuits can also combine with pants, leggings, or joggers in case the weather gets cooler. 

So here are three very good choices to welcome the new little girl in your life! At Mila & Rose, we want to help you make the best choice for this special moment. Our online store is also super easy and intuitive to use, so you’ll buy your favorite girls clothing online in a few clicks. All our retail orders have FREE U.S. shipping. For additional inquiries call us at (817) 988-0880 or send us an email to

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