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One of the questions many parents are worried about nowadays is if sending their kids back to school is a safe option, or if they should stay at home. Whatever your decision is, at Mila & Rose, we want to accompany you by providing the best girls clothes online. We genuinely wish to contribute with our grain of salt so your daughter starts this peculiar school year feeling and looking awesome! 

For this reason, we are presenting to you a selection of clothing that is ideal for both in-person and homeschooling. Mila & Rose is dedicated to serving parents all around the USA, and we know each state is acting differently in school reopening. So even if you opt to have your little girl learning at home, here are some dresses that are affordable, feel good, and certainly make a better option than staying in pajamas! (although they are nearly as comfortable - trust us!).

Mila & Rose’s Little Girls Twirling Dresses

Our little girls twirling dresses are a fresh option for the rest of the summer and also useful for the upcoming cooler months. We have sleeveless and short-sleeve twirl dresses that can be used on any occasion; including learning! All of our dresses come with a size chart, are super easy to wash and easy to put on your daughter; even when she wakes up a little bit cranky to go to school; whether it is the usual building or the living room!

Mila & Rose’s boho girls dresses, on the other side, are a stylish, long-sleeve alternative that can also be worn all year long. They make a great combination with our girl's headbands with bows and are definitely a style of dress that stands out from the usual, making playful prints. For these reasons, Boho dresses are among the best choices for your girl to go back to school, and also to wear to play in the patio, receive visits, or any other occasion.

girls clothes online

The Convenience of Shopping Girls Clothes Online

With so many people staying at home in the current situation, online shopping is at high demand. And even big companies like eBay or Amazon are collapsed with orders and experiencing delays. Mila & Rose is a family business but we carry ourselves in a professional way. That’s why we offer free shipping to all our US-based orders (only for retail clients) and provide a checkout system that is as easy as 3 clicks! We accept debit, Shoppay, and PayPal. Buy safely and get your order at home with no shipping cost!

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