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Summer is still here and even though 2020’s was definitely unusual, it’s still a good time to invest in children apparel that is not only comfortable and durable but at the same time, safe. Whether it is outdoors or at home, managing children’s sun exposure is important because they are way more at risk of overheating than adults. So in addition to water, shade, and other refreshments, your kids can have quality dresses, rompers, and bloomers that can even combine with amazing accessories. 


Children Apparel to Wear All Day, Everyday

One of the ideas behind Mila & Rose's clothes is everyday use. In order to do that, we need something very simple yet difficult to achieve at the same time: children need to love to wear them! One of our most appreciated items this summer (by both parents and children) were rompers. The snaps along the legs make it easy to change diapers, and whether they are sleeveless or short-sleeved, the little ones are still protected from the sun while staying fresh.

Some of our summer rompers for little girls can also combine with their corresponding dress to match their style and feel. Our Pineapple Of My Eye Pom Pom romper, for example, has its own dress version. This combination is great because it’s usual that later on the day the temperature goes down, and summer 2020 has been particularly chillier than other years in some regions in the US! So whether it is for a special occasion or everyday, your girl can stay cool or warm all day, while looking and feeling awesome.


Headbands and Moccasins for Extra Freshness and Cuteness!

Little girls headbands are an accessory that is not only cute but also quite protective in hotter seasons. A headband that is tight enough to keep hair off your girls’ eyes and also keeps sweat is a great addition at the moment of going out and playing! And of course, it can cover the forehead and the ears, which are prone to burning with sun exposure. Another good thing about headbands is that they basically match any outfit: dresses, rompers, swimsuits, and short sets.

Footwear is also fundamental to keep in mind! Mila & Rose’s baby leather moccasins have been particularly popular for many simple reasons: 

  • They’re easy to handle: designed for easy on and off; which is a relief for both parents and babies alike!
  • They are made with genuine leather for extra durability, while keeping feet fresh.
  • They’re super cute!

Mila & Rose not only want to offer to you adorable and affordable children's clothing and fashion for everyday use. We also want you to help you make the best choice for your child’s clothing. Stay tuned for more articles with recommendations and tips on children's apparel! You’re also welcome to contact us with your suggestions. Sign up to our Newsletter and get the latest news on sales, releases, and more!

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