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It is no secret how quickly babies grow and change. Mayo Clinic has reported that in the first six months of birth a child will grow about 1 inch each month. With that being said, it only makes sense that parents are being forced to constantly refresh and update their children's closets and wardrobes. However, there is no need to fret. 

Luckily, in today's day and age, there are a tremendous amount of resources that busy parents can take advantage of to make sure they stay in the loop when it comes to trending fashion styles for babies and children. Moccasins for babies and bold accents colors are two of the many trends on the rise this season. And although winter is almost ending, anyone will be able to style their little one in head to toe fashion trends following these simple tips and tricks. 

moccasins for babies

Starting up Top

It goes without saying that sweaters are a literal staple of the winter time, but how they are executed each fashion season may look a little differently. Last winter, the knitted waffle sweater was everywhere, but this time around mock turtleneck sweaters have stolen the spotlight. Fashion Snoops, a global trend forecasting agency, was one of the many professionals to share their insight on the ever-changing fashion scene.

In Fashion Snoop's Kids Trends FW 20/21 the agency also emphasized the popularity of playful prints, especially different tie-dyes. The Watercolor Wonder S/S Ruffle Tee at Mila & Rose® is a perfect example of this. The Real Retro L/S Ruffle Tee is another instance and also subtly incorporates color blocking, which is another trend parents will want to keep their eyes peeled for. 

The Bottom Line

Many babies are often resistant to bottoms and pants. Unfortunately, though this desire doesn't seem to go away with age, we know that dressing comfortably and cute are two efficient ways of handling this life-long problem. Fortunately, families are in good hands at Mila & Rose®. The products and clothing options at Mila & Rose® are created with both comfort and style. 

One children's trend that is very popular this winter are wide or flared leg pants. Vintage and retro vibes are the inspiration behind many new clothing lines and these Vintage Pink Leggings fit in quite perfectly. Accent stitching and statement buttons are also making a huge comeback this 2021. This winter it will be all about adding a little extra pizzazz to bottoms and pants. These Mila & Rose® Black Velvet Bells would be an excellent wintertime wardrobe addition. Mila & Rose® has an astounding amount of leggings that can be found in all sorts of trendy prints. The Far Out Leggings and Flip Side Leggings are two of the many options parents can check out. 

Shoes, Accessories, & Everything In Between 

Many accessories this upcoming season will be flaunting patchwork and other mosaic-inspired details. Playful poms, unexpected pops of color, and vibrant embroidery will all be making lots of appearances this 2021. 

When it comes to shoes, keep an eye out for braided straps, fun stitching, and mixed materials. A mossy suede is one combination that embodies this trend. The Moccasin Collection at Mila & Rose® has managed to incorporate almost every one of these trends into the adorable shoe options. 

With our help, getting your children and their looks ready for the winter has never been easier. 

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