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FREE U.S. Shipping | Excluding Wholesale

It's a school year like no other, with a pandemic making back-to-school a little different this year. Of course, that doesn't keep kids from growing and needing new clothes, and they will need them whether learning from home or school. It's never been a better time to shop for girls clothes online

Getting the Best Girls Clothing Online

If you want the best girls clothing online, the right store matters. Mila & Rose's options don't disappoint. Our selections are easy to wash, easy to put on, and easy to get the right fit. They're also stylish. And with school options up in the air this year, getting through the day in the most comfortable and fashionable way is more important than ever. Dressed in Mila & Rose, your little girl will stand out as they study or play. 

Girls Clothes Online

Even if your child is learning from home, pajamas just won't cut it. Get them in the right mindset with our cool back to school clothing options. From layering to embellishments, you'll find many opportunities to create the wardrobe of her dreams. Not only are our clothes comfortable and affordable, but they're also perfect for that growing school girl. We'd be honored to dress your daughter for the school year and give you one less thing to worry about.

Trends of 2020

Knowing what the current trends are can help you find balance between babyish and mature, in case you have a pre-teen that wants more say in what you buy these days. For the latest trends of 2020, keep reading. 

Dresses galore

Dresses are made for comfort and movement and can be layered to fit any season. Perfect for home or school, dresses will help your girl feel pretty and dressed for success.

Metallic designs shine

Metallic designs are the 2020 trend that no one saw coming. Our sequin skirts give off the perfect metallic shine for your daughter to express herself in a trendy way.

Floral is always fabulous

One trend that never seems to die down is floral. With its many colors and print variations, floral goes with just about everything. 

Overalls are in

Overalls are cute, loose, and easy to wear. Pair them with a favorite shirt, and watch your little girl as she plays outside or wiggles in her seat in excitement about what she's learning. 

Hue happy

Bright, vibrant colors bring excitement to any day. Color blocking is one trend that is still going strong, and mixing and matching hues can be a fun lesson all by itself. Showcase that creativity through color!

Graphics are expressive

If your girl is into designs, choosing a graphic tee or sweater can help her personality shine. They're in style right now too, and they provide the comfort and warmth she'll need to succeed. 

You Can't Beat the Convenience of Shopping Online

Online shopping is in high demand right now. Companies all over are experiencing delays in shipping and orders above expectations. At Mila & Rose, you'll get the convenience of shopping online, with free shipping for all US retail orders — no wholesale. Buy trendy back-to-school options when you shop for girls clothing online with us.

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