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Finding the right shoe for your first-time walker can be challenging. As parents, we all want what's best for our children and often agonize over what that is. Fortunately, when it comes to walking, shoes like leather baby moccasins are an obvious choice. Not only are they fashionable and versatile, but they provide your infant with additional developmental benefits. 

Why Leather Baby Moccasins Are Good For Your Baby

Baby shoes are an adorable accessory, but they need to be functional, as well. Here are three key reasons leather baby moccasins are good for your little one as they navigate the new adventures of walking:

1. Soft soles and protection

Your little one's first-time walking shoes must be soft and protective. The minute they move from crawling to walking, their tiny feet need added protection from cooler temperatures, spilled snacks, rough surfaces, infinite toys, and more. This is where leather baby moccasins play a big part in the early developmental stages of your child's walking journey. 

Soft soles provide a multitude of advantages over hard ones. To name a few, they:

  • Provide a full range of motion.
  • Have no arch support or cushioning, allowing the development of muscle strength.
  • Support natural movements.
  • Are flexible but protective.

2. Lightweight and comfortable

Another great benefit to leather baby moccasins is the lightweight and comfortable nature of the baby shoes. They're comparable to your little one walking barefoot but with additional comfort. They also add traction to bare floors, so your child can sustain balance while quickly improving their walking skills into running skills. 

In fact, lightweight attire like leggings, bodysuits, and dresses are also good for your child as they learn to walk. The key is to find clothing and accessories that don't hold them back or add too much weight.

leather baby moccasins

3. Supports natural growth

Leather baby moccasins also provide extra room for growing feet without being a limitation in their progress. With that extra room, they support the natural growth of your child's feet and abilities. More specifically, they'll be able to stretch tiny toes and exercise their muscles. 

You may be wondering, "why not go shoeless if it's so important to support natural growth?" The problem is that it isn't always an option. When the temperature drops outside or the air conditioning is blasted, little toes are vulnerable to the cool temperatures, and socks can be slippery. Not to mention the extra protection needed when your little walker isn't home.

Find Your Little One's Perfect Fit

When you're ready, contact us for insight and advice on picking the best leather baby moccasins for your little one. While you're at it, check out our matching bodysuits and bows collection to complete their outfits. We’re ready and waiting to find the perfect fit while giving you peace of mind in the early stages of your child's development. Learning to walk is hard, but staying comfortable and protected doesn't have to be.

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