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Trying to find a purse for a little girl can sometimes prove to be more frustrating than many would initially believe. Many purses are simply too big to be carried by a girl, and others are too mature looking. Still, other purses scream cute, which is fine, but not when your little girl wants something a little more sophisticated. If that's the case for you, here are some little girl purses that are sure to please.

A Different Kind of Purses for Little Girls

Our purses are the perfect size for little girls. Each purse is 6 inches high, 8.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide, so you'll never wonder if it's too big for a small girl. They're also made of high-quality PV "vegan" leather. Perhaps the best part about our purses is the wide array of colors they come in.

little girls purses

Does your little girl like pastel colors? If so, we've got Ballet Pink, Lovely Lavender, Peachy Pink, Mint, and Bluebird.

If they're more into flash and glitter, then we have a wide selection that will be sure to delight them. Our Unicorn Glitter purse sounds exactly like it looks. There is more than enough glitter to give it that glimmer all little girls love. It's all rainbow colors, so it'll match almost anything they wear.

Our Flip Sequin Girl's Purse has a light pink trim that gives it a slightly sophisticated look. The fun comes in with the rainbow sequins that can be flipped to change things up.

For girls who aren't into rainbows anymore, there are some glitter styles that look more grown-up. We've got Goldy Girl, Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, and Rose Gold Glitter.

Girl’s Totes

If your daughter is looking for a tote, we've got those as well. They're easy to carry and come in Lavender Girl, Ballet Pink, and Rose Gold Glitter. Our totes are made from PV leather as well. 

Accessories That Go Great with The Purses

Almost all little girls love to accessorize, and we've got the perfect ones to go with our purses. Whether it's a wallet to hold their money or pom-poms, we've got it.

Many of our wallets like the Rose Gold Glitter Wink Wallet or the Unicorn Glitter Coin Purse are designed to match one of our purses. There are just enough pockets to keep things organized.

We also have Fluffy Pom Poms and purse tassels. This will help your little girl accessorize her purse so that it is uniquely her own.

Mila and Rose is Your One-Stop Shop For Girls Fashion

Are you ready to stop shopping for clothes on Amazon only to find that they don't fit right and aren't even comfortable? If so, contact us to find the perfect outfit for your daughter, complete with an adorable purse. Here at Mila and Rose, we've got everything you and your little one need for the perfect girl's day out.

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